About me


  • December 2023 - | Powerweave | Co-founder & CEO

    Powerweave is a technology company operating at the intersection of power infrastructure, technology, and finance.

    We are working relentlessly to bring the concept of local electricity markets to North America. See this blog post for more information.

  • August 2021 - | SocïVolta | Quantitative Research

    My role at SocïVolta involves multiple tasks and research subjects, including:

    • Trading strategy design, including prediction of power arbitrage using time-series analysis and machine learning techniques (related blog post);
    • Portfolio optimization and backtesting, including design and implementation of high-performance strategy evaluation infrastructure (related blog post);
    • High-performance, real-time, global optimization of resource allocations (related blog post).

  • December 2020 - April 2021 | Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto | Data Engineer

    Design and implementation of an automated data processing pipeline to reconstruct femtosecond‐scale molecular dynamics from ultrafast electron diffraction measurements.

  • July 2015 - July 2017 | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Software Architect

    Design and implementation of real-time holographic reconstruction pipeline for the Submersible Holographic Astrobiology Microscope with Ultraresolution (SHAMU) project, in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology and the University of Washington.



  • August 2022 - Jan 2024 | Haskell Foundation | Technical Working Group member

    The Haskell Foundation Technical Working Group discusses community proposals based on their potential positive impact on the whole Haskell community.

    While I was interested in all technical aspects brought forth by the Haskell community, I was keeping an eye on proposals related to my personal expertise: high-performance scientific computing, data science, and machine learning.

  • May 2023 - Nov 2023 | Haskell Summer of Code | Mentor

    Haskell Summer of Code is a program to encourage students to contribute to the Haskell community by proposing ideas and implementing them over a summer.

    I mentored a student focused on decoupling the standard Haskell documentation tool, Haddock, from the internals of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.