About me


  • August 2021 - | SocïVolta | Quantitative Research

    My role at SocïVolta involves multiple tasks and research subjects, including:

    • Trading strategy design, including prediction of power arbitrage using time-series analysis and machine learning techniques (related blog post);
    • Portfolio optimization and backtesting, including design and implementation of high-performance strategy evaluation infrastructure (related blog post);
    • High-performance, real-time, global optimization of resource allocations (related blog post).

  • December 2020 - April 2021 | Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto | Data Engineer

    Design and implementation of an automated data processing pipeline to reconstruct femtosecond‐scale molecular dynamics from ultrafast electron diffraction measurements.

  • July 2015 - July 2017 | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Software Architect

    Design and implementation of real-time holographic reconstruction pipeline for the Submersible Holographic Astrobiology Microscope with Ultraresolution (SHAMU) project, in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology and the University of Washington.



  • August 2022 - Jan 2024 | Haskell Foundation | Technical Working Group member

    The Haskell Foundation Technical Working Group discusses community proposals based on their potential positive impact on the whole Haskell community.

    While I was interested in all technical aspects brought forth by the Haskell community, I was keeping an eye on proposals related to my personal expertise: high-performance scientific computing, data science, and machine learning.

  • May 2023 - Nov 2023 | Haskell Summer of Code | Mentor

    Haskell Summer of Code is a program to encourage students to contribute to the Haskell community by proposing ideas and implementing them over a summer.

    I mentored a student focused on decoupling the standard Haskell documentation tool, Haddock, from the internals of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.